Soothing Melodies, Al Semas, calms babies, relaxes pets, relieves anxiety.  Soothing Melodies
       NEW ALBUM

  • Relieves Anxiety

  • Soothes Babies

  • Relaxes Pets who are anxious or under stress

  • Nice Background Music for public gatherings

  • Perfect in a Doctor or Dentist office

  Al's music is also on a On-line Radio Station
which features some of the new songs on this album.

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Few artists are able to write and record a song in one take; Al is one of those artists. All songs are written, performed and recorded at Portside STudio by Al Semas. This new album "Soothing Melodies-Volume 1" features all solo piano with the exception of the last track which is solo acoustic guitar. The CD is available at or the CD or mp3 downloads are available at Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes and various other places. You can still buy Al's Previous album, "A World Beyond" at Amazon and iTunes, not many of the CD's left.

This CD is packaged in recycled materials

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I Call A Time Out, on the new album "Soothing Melodies"